5 best offline zombie shooting games for Android (2020 update)

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Are you looking for some good zombie shooting games to play on your Android phone in free time? Do you like offline PvE games with stories, campaigns, quests rather than online PvP games with lagging, toxic players, and AFKs? If the answers are “Yes” then you are in the right place.

Dead Target: Zombie Shooting Offline Game

Free download for Android

The game sets in 2040, when the zombie apocalypse begins. You, as a gunner, have to survive and kill the undead to save the human race.

Dead Targets has good 3D graphics with variety of heavy weapons. After installing the game, no internet connection is required.

Dead Trigger 2: Offline Zombie FPS Game

Free download for Android

This game is full of evil actions. You can use super hot heavy weapons or brutal melee stuff to wipe out the zombie hordes.


  • Decide who you are among Gunsmith, Scientist, Smuggler, Medic, and Engineer.
  • 10 regions, 33+ different battlefields.
  • Over 600 gameplay war scenarios and intensive storytelling campaigns.
  • 70+ types of hot weapons.

You may also want to play Dead Trigger 1 as well.

Mad Zombies: Offline Zombie Shooting Games

Free download for Android

The whole world is withheld by zombies. The day of dead is coming, everywhere. You, as a survivor shooter, have to fight to regain the control of humanity.

The zombies are crazy but not stupid. They come from anywhere, they have different age, skills and abilities, they want to kill whatever alive.

You, armed with strong weapons, but you can die just by a bite of zombie. Be careful!

Zombie Frontier 3: Offline Sniper FPS Game for Android

Download link for Android (free)

A dangerous vaccine has developed a virus that mutates humans into walking zombies. This lethal virus spread out causing zombies outbreaks and people are in immediate danger of a gory death. Human survivors must fight in a war to the death.

The Walking Zombie 2: An offline cartoon-style game

Download link for Android (free)

Game features:

  • Classic single player post-apocalyptic FPS
  • Cartoon, modern polygon graphics style
  • Dozens of stories and side quests
  • Karma system – good and bad deeds create new options and encounters
  • You can play the game totally offline.
  • Low-specs Android phones can run the game just fine.

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