Best Chinese fantasy movies & series of 2020

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The list of the best Chinese fantasy movies and TV series to watch this year.

Legend of Awakening (2020)

Length: 48 episodes

Director: Vicky Wong

Main casts: Arthur Chen, Dylan Xiong, Cheng Xiao, Jerry You

The series sets in the Five Dynasties and Ten Kingdoms era, one of the bloodiest periods in Chinese history. A young man, Lu Ping, escaped from the prison and became aware that six distinct souls revolving through his being.

Love and Redemption / The Colored Glaze Beauty (2020)

Length: 36 episodes

Director: Yin Tao

Main casts: Crystal Yuan, Cheng Yi, Zhang Yu Xi

The god of war saved the heavens in a deadly fight against the demon. After the battle, both of them fell from the sky, disappeared from the world and sank into oblivion. One thousand years later, a poor girl was born to the world lacking in the six senses.

Candle in the Tomb: The Lost Caverns (2020)

Length: 18 episodes

Director: Fei Zhen Xiang

Main cast: Pan Yue Ming, Kitty Zhang, Jiang Chao

Anyone likes Ghost Blows Out The Light, a famous fantasy novel series should give this show a try.

Novoland: The Castle in the Sky 2 (2020)

Length: 34 episodes

Directors: Zhao Jin Tao, Min Guo Hui, Zhang Jin Qing

Main casts: Jeremy Jones Xu, Uvin Wang, Daisy Li

A story between a golden-winged Feng Ruche and Xue Jingkong, the most distinguished magician in the great plains of Lanzhou. Many powerful forces are searching for the only daughter of Feng Tianyi and Yi Fuling in a plot to usurp power by holding her hostage.

Wu Xin: The Monster Killer 3 (2020)

Length: 28 episodes

Directors: Patrick Yau, Wai Hong Chui

Main casts: Elvis Han, Sebrina Yao,, Ding Qiao

The drama is adapted from a novel of the same name by Ni Luo. It tells the story of immortals catching monsters in the Tang Dynasty. Though Monster Killer 3 is the third season, it is a standalone drama and you can follow the storyline without watching the two previous seasons.

Ever Night 2 (2020)

Length: 43 episodes

Director: Yang Yang

Main casts: Dylan Wang, Ireine Song, Chen Tai Shen, Kris Sun, Liu Yi Jun

A young woman, Sang Sang, is supposed that she has a connection to the external night, thing that causes catastrophes for humanity. Deceitful people are intent to kill her. Ning Que, a childhood friend of Sang Sang, is willing to be her protector.

Love & The Emperor: A Time Travel Drama (2020)

Length: 24 episodes

Main casts: Camille Hua, Alan Luo, Milla An

A young girl was transported back in time via a video game, and becomes a maid in the magnificent palace of the handsome Emperor. What will happen?

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