Best mid-to-close range weapons in PUBG Mobile

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There are so many kinds of weapon in PUBG Mobile and not all of them are good enough for you, whether you are a pro or not. This article has narrowed down a list of best mid-to-close range guns in the game, which may help you make better choices on the battlefield.

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Most PUBG Mobile players love AKM. It fires 7.62mm rounds and has both a single shot and a full auto mode. This gun can deal a lot of damage at mid-to-close range. You should use AKM with a compensator to reduce its heavy recoil.

After landing from the parachute, your chance of getting an AKM is so high. You can also get one by looting from others.


Groza is the best automatic rifle for close to medium range combat. This gun is quite similar to AKM, but it has a higher firing speed and a lower recoil. With a quickdraw extended mag, Groza will fire much faster and become overpowered.

You can get a Groza from air drops or by killing someone who owns it.


The gun fires 5.56mm rounds and can be used for close-to-mid range combat as well as long-range combat by switching it to single shot mode. In order to bring out the full potential of an M146, you need to equip it with attachments including a suppressor, a quickdraw extended mag, a scope, a stock, and maybe a foregrip.


Like AKM and Groza, M762 fires 7.26mm rounds. It has 3 three shot modes including single, triple full-auto. This gun will work much better with a quickdraw extended mag and a compensator or a suppressor.


This ends our list of best close-to-mid range weapons in PUBG Mobile. You can try out all of the above-mentioned guns in order to find what’s best suited for you. And, don’t forget to tell us which gun you love the most.


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