How to change your avatar, avatar frame and flag in PUBG Mobile (2019)


This article teaches you how to change your avatar (profile picture), avatar frame and flag icon in PUBG 0.13 or newer.

1. Log in the game and tap on your current avatar in the top right corner.

2. Tap on the pen icon to continue (it is very, very small and hard to recognize). Have a look at the picture below.

3. Select “Flag” from the right-hand menu, then select your favorite flag icon from the left-hand section. Note that you can only change your flag icon once each 60 days.

4. Tap on “Avatar” from the right-hand menu and select your favorite one from the list. If your PUBG Mobile account has been connected to your Facebook/ Twitter account, your current Facebook/ Twitter profile picture can be set to be your PUBG Mobile avatar (like the screenshot below). This is the only way you can use your own photo in the game at this time.

5. Tap on “Avatar Frame” and select one of the available frames.

You’re done. Have nice games!


  1. Its not working. I connect my twitter account with pubg but i cant see my twitter profile pic as pubg avatar (pubg mobile)


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