How to limit the download bandwitdh in Epic Games Launcher


Unlike Steam Client or Blizzard Desktop App, Epic Games Launcher doesn’t have a feature for limiting the download speed. Therefore, whenever you install or update a game, Epic Game Launcher will use all your internet bandwidth. As a result, you are almost unable to do other stuff that required an internet connection.

This article will show you how to limit the download bandwidth in Epic Games Launcher. At this time, we need third-party software to do it and NetLimiter is a good choice. The free version is lightweight and good enough for us. Link download.

After downloading and installing NetLimiter (just click “Next” and something like that), start the program.

Next, click on the “epicgamelauncher.exe” row and check the box in the “DL Limit” column. Have a look at the picture below for clarity.

By default, the maximum value is only 5 KB/s and we need to change it. Click on “5 KB/s” to open the setting dialog then set your preferred value.

Finally, click on the “OK” button to save your changes. You are done!



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