Mobile Legends: best AP build for Gord, the professor of Hell

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Gord is a very high damaging hero in Mobile Legends Bang Bang. He can deal a lot of magical as well as true damage, sweep lanes quickly and attack enemies from very long distance. The disadvantage of this guy is the low mobility but his first skill, Mystic Projections, can stun the opponents for 1s.

The best role for Gord is to go Midlane and because of the capability to deal true damage, I personally think there is no need to buy a magic-pen item. And, in order to clear the lane fast, you should level up Gord’s second skill first (Mystic Injunction).

  1. Ice Queen Wand

    +75 magic power, +150 mana, +10% magic lifesteal, +7 movement speed. It unique passive, Ice Bound, can slow down enemies by 15%.

  2. Demon Shoes

    This item will help your mana regenerate faster.

  3. Clock Of Destiny

    This will increase Gord’s HP and magic power gradually.

  4. Holy Crystal

    The more magic power, the more magical and true damage enemies will take.

  5. Blood Wings

    The most expensive item in our build set but it is worth what you pay. Blood Wings will add much magic power as well as HP to Gord.

  6. Winter Truncheon

    This one doesn’t give you as much magic power as Blood Wings or Holy Crystal but it adds to your hero some extra armor. Furthermore, its active skill, Frozen, can save your life. When using this, the hero can’t do anything but will be immune to all damage and debuff for 2s.

Recommended emblem: Mage, Magic

Recommended spell: Sprint, Flicker,

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