Mobile Legends ss 14: best build for Layla, the daughter of guns

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Layla is one of the most-played heroes in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang. She is free-to-play, easy to master, powerful, pretty and has a cute voice. Below is the best crit-build for this markswoman, which will bring out her best and help you rank up faster in season 13.

Layla full OP build

Recommended embleme: Marksman / Physical
Recommended spell: Flicker / Sprint / Inspire

  1. Swift Boots

    This one gives you +15 attack speed as well as +40 movement speed, which is very important in the early game period.

  2. Berserker’s Fury

    Berserker’s Fury increases your crit chance by 25% and your crit damage by 40%. From now on, your crit hits will deal much more damage.

  3. Scarlet Phantom

    You get +30 physical damage, +20% attack speed, +25% crit chance. Your total crit chance is more than 50% (including the crit chance added from the Marksman emblem).

  4. Malefic Roar

    Your attack speed, your crit chance, and your physical damage are so okay. Your Layla can kill a mage, a marksman or an assassin in the blink of an eye. However, your attacks on tanks do not deal much damage because of thick armors. That’s why Malefic Roar is here.

  5. Demon Hunter Sword

    Its passive ability, Devour, let you deal damage based on the target’s current HP (9%). You will also get 4% Physical Lifesteal for each basic attack.

  6. Immortality

    Having a second life is better.


  • Stay near your support hero
  • Chose the right position. This is very important for Layla

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