Mobile Legends ss14: best tank build for Terizla, the immortal executor

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Terizla is a new fighter hero in Mobile Legends Bang Bang. As usual, most of the new heroes in the game seem overpowering, and Terizla is not an exception. This guy is a good choice for you to climb up with in season 13.

Below are the tank build and recommended emblem as well as Battle Spell for Terizla to become immortal.

Best Terizla tank build

Terzila can deal a lot of damage even though he is equipped with defensive items. The most suitable role for him is a fighter but he can also be a good sp.

  1. Cursed Helmet

    This item adds 920 HP and 50 Magic Defense to Terizla. Its passive ability, Burning Soul can deal 1.5% Magic Damage equal to the Max HP to nearby enemies per second. Furthermore, the damage will increase by 50% to Minions.

  2. Warrior Boots

    This will help Terizla resist Physical Damage better.

  3. Brute Force Breastplate

    This one adds 770 HP as well as 45 Physical Defense to our hero. Its passive ability, Brute Force, can increase Movement Speed, Physical and Magic Defense when Terzila casts a skill or uses Basic Attack.

  4. Blade Ammor

    This cheap item provides 90 Physical Defense. Its passive ability, Vengeance, can deal Physical Damage to opponents when taken Physical Damage. from a basic attack.

  5. Wings Of The Apocalypse Queen

    This item is the only one in our build increases the Physical Attack (+15 points). It also provides 1000 HP and 10% Cooldown Reduction.
    The passive ability, Demonize, help Terizla become too hard to be killed. It reduces damage taken by 50% and increases Physical Lifesteal by 30% for 5 seconds when health is less than 40%.

  6. Immortality

    This item adds 800 HP and 40 Magic Defense to Terizla. Especially, it gives you a second life (and maybe more after next 180s), which is very important in the late game period.

Recommend emblem: Tank or Fighter

Recommended spell battle: Either Execute or Flicker is OK.

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