Mobile Legends season 14: Hanabi build guide

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Hanabi, Scarlet Flower, is a sweet markswoman in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang and many players love her. This guide will show you how to bring out her best on the battlefield for the current season.

Hanabi crit-build

Recommended spell: Fliker or Sprint
Recommended emblem: Markman or Physical

  1. Demon Shoes

    The first skill, Petal Barrage, burns a lot of Hanabi’s mana and what we need is Demon Shoes for the first slot.

  2. Berserker’s Fury

    This one adds to our hero 65 physical damage points as well as a 25% crit chance. Furthermore, it also increases crit damage by 40%.

  3. Windtalker

    This item gives a 40% attack speed, 20 movement speed, and 10% crit chance. Its passive ability, Typhoon, can deal a little magical damage to your enemies.

  4. Malefic Roar

    This weapon helps Hanabi kill tanks more easily, even though they wear thick armors.

  5. Scarlet Phantom

    This one gives our marksman +30 physical ATK, +20% ATK speed and what we want most, +25% crit chance.

  6. Immortality

    The last item should be Immortality. It will resurrect you when you die. In other words, you will have more than one life.

With this build and the Marksman emblem, most of Hanabi’s attack will be critical hits. In the late game period, she can destroy everything.

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