Mobile Legends S14: best AP build for Nana, the cute cat-like elf


Leonins is a race of cat-like elevs lives in the forest. They are cute, friendly and uninvolved in the conflicts of the world. Nana is a special girl among them. She is naturally gifted with strong magical abilities but doesn’t know how to control them, which causes trouble for people around her.

In the Rank-Mode of Mobile Legends Bang Bang, Nana is one of the most used heroes for support/ mage role, and below is the full AP build for her.

Nana’s full AP build

Recommended spells: sprint, flicker, revitalize, aegis
Recommended emblems: Mage, magic

  1. Demon Shoes

    With this item, you will never run out of mana.

  2. Clock of Destiny

    This one gives you a lot of Magic Power, HP, and Mana. It also increases your HP and magic attack every 30 seconds.

  3. Ice Queen Wand

    Ice Queen Want gives you +75 Magic Power, +10% Magic Lifesteal, + 150 Mana, +7% Movement Speed and slows down enemies by 15% with its unique passive.

  4. Holy Crystal

    Raise your total Magic Power to a higher level.

  5. Divine Glaive

    +40% Magic Penetration and +65 Magic Power.

  6. Blood Wings

    Most expensive magic item but it is worth buying.

Note: Nana is so annoying to enemies with her second ability, Moline Smooch. Her passive ability, Molina’s Gift, can save her life when she takes deadly damage.



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