Mobile Legends Bang Bang: X. Borg build guide

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X. Borg is one of the best fighters in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang these days. He can deal a massive amount of True Damage to enemies. Besides that, his defense mechanism and recovery system are insane.

X. Borg Build Guide

X. Borg is an overpowered hero who can easily carry the team. 1 vs 2, 1 vs 3, 1 vs 4 with X. Borg is not impossible.

  1. Warrior Boots

    Increase X. Borg’s physical defense as well as his movement speed.

  2. Bloodlust Axe

    +70 physical attack points, +10% cooldown reduction, +20% Spell Vamp (Spell Vamp is a defensive stat which converts a percentage of the damage from either hero abilities or item actives into health).

  3. Queen’s Wings

    +15 physical attack, +1000 HP, +10% cooldown reduction. It unique passive, Demonize, reduces damage taken by 50% when health is less than 40%.

  4. Hunter Strike

    +80 physical attack, +10% cooldown reduction, +15% physical penetration. Its unique passive, Retribution, attacks enemy heroes or creeps for 5 times in a row and increase movement speed by 30% in 3s.

  5. Blade Of Despair

    This one is the most expensive physical item but it is worth what you pay.

  6. Rose Gold Meteor

    +60 physical attack, +30 magical defense, +5% physical lifesteal. It unique passive, lifeline, will generate a shield to protect you when your HP drops below 30% (Immortality is a good choice, too).

Recommended spells: Purify, Flicker, Vengeance.

Recommended emblems: Physical, Fighter.

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