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Below is a list of best offline hack and slash games for you to play in 2019, and all of them are free. Just pick your favorite one, install it and have fun. Eternium - Best Offline ARPGĀ  Free download: Android...
Are you looking for some new, interesting city building & management games to play on your PC in 2019? If the answer is "Yes!", you've been in the right place. This article will list the best games...
Do you have a low-end PC or an old laptop without a dedicated graphics card? Your device only has an Integrated GPU like Intel HD Graphics 4000/4400/4600/620/630 or 650, and you want to play a free, new...

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How to build a $450 gaming PC for Apex Legends (2019)

This article teaches you how to build a $500 gaming PC to play Apex Legends smoothly in 2019. This $450 budget PC is enough to play the game at 1080p@60fps on high graphics settings. You can also run GTA 5, Fortnite, Ovewatch... just fine.

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